Israel’s Right to Defend Themselves

In the past few weeks, it has been clear that Israel has been attacked and forced to defend themselves from Hamas.When Hamas fires rockets into Israel, they are not aimed at military or specific targets, but fired blindly so that they cause as much much fear and terror as possible. They can land anywhere and can kill anyone at any time.

Israel has chosen to strike back with major force and with an unrelenting ferocity.With the deaths of Israeli students, their government have chosen to do what it can to end these attacks. They are tired of being attacked and are now shooting back.

The biggest concern is that when Israel fights back, Hamas chooses to hide behind women and children and they try to draw fire so that the most civilians, women, and children are harmed or killed. They know that the western press will find this disheartening and blame Israel for it. So, Israel has done what it can to save as many innocent civilians from harm. They have tried the roof-knock process (firing an inert bomb on target, allowing innocent people to flee the building before a real bomb is dropped). This hasn’t worked very well, but it shows that Israel is willing to warn innocent people that a bomb is coming and at least give them the choice to flee or not.

Another question is the premise that Israel should only match firepower with like firepower. If Hamas fires a rocket, Israel can only fire a rocket in return. This is really being dishonest as you never return like power, but with enough power to make the attack stop. If it is just a rocket attack back and forth, it will never end. Only until one side runs out of munitions will it end.

A major point that needs to be brought up is that Israel is a modern democracy and Gaza is ruled by Hamas that has shown not to be either modern nor a democracy. Israel wants peace and Hamas wants Israel gone. This is the biggest reason Israel must always reserve the right to defend itself. Nowhere in the world is there a country that has as many targets on it as Israel. From inception, Israel has always been the attacked both politically and militarily.

If you want a clear understanding of the situation with Israel and the countries around it, ask yourself this question. If Israel were to forever lay down their arms, What would happen? If Hamas were to forever lay down their arms, what would happen? If Israel lays down their guns, they will cease to exist. If Hamas were to lay down their guns, there would be peace in the land until the next enemy of Israel shows up. It is that clear.

Dennis Prager explains it very easily and clearly:

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